Living space has become an important issue in most Canadian cities and around the world. We intend to disrupt the way that we think about living space and the options available. We will do this in a way that will meet needs and provide new opportunities.

Rendering of the Standard Model for Our Win-Win Plan

A New Way About Thinking About Property

Dynaspaces is a company that will encourage tenants, homeowners, future homeowners, and Investors to think about Property in a brand new way. We will have:

  • creative ideas to help you pay for a new home
  • new and different plans to have build a new home
  • interesting ways for you to invest into real estate
  • planning for the development of new communities
  • dynamic ways to increase your income and pay for your new laneway home.

The Win-Win Plan

If you live in the right area, and the numbers match up, It is possible to have us build you a home for free!

The Win-Win Plan has this title because everyone wins, the homeowner, the tenant, us at Dynaspaces and the Investor. More about the Win-Win-Plan at the Plan website at